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The 2013 Silver Spring Mini Maker Faire is now over, but host KID Museum is still marching full-steam ahead.  Click over to if you’d like to catch recaps, photos, videos and more from this year’s Silver Spring Mini Maker Faire, and to learn about other great KID Museum events (like the October 20th World of Montgomery Festival!).

Thanks to everyone who participated this year, and thanks to everyone for your continued support and interest.

The First Ever Silver Spring Mini Maker Faire!


Click Here to Donate!

Click Here to Donate!

The first official Maker Faire in the DC area!  Join us for a FREE day of family-friendly fun and creativity!

12 PM- 5 PM

At Veterans Plaza and
The Silver Spring Civic Building
(Corner of Fenton and Ellsworth)

Indoor/ Outdoor
Rain or Shine

Keep up with all the latest Silver Spring Mini Maker Faire updates and share your excitement and experience using the #SSMMF and #SSmakerfaire hashtags on Twitter:

In The Books

What a special day here at the Silver Spring Mini Maker Faire.  The crowd was huge, the minds were engaged, the weather was perfect, and a good time was had by all.  KID Museum would like to give a very big thanks to the dozens of volunteers who helped us pull it off seamlessly, and to all our sponsors for making this day possible.

We’ll bring you a more in-depth recap post later this week, but we just couldn’t wait to say thanks to all who helped and participated in what was, without question, an overwhelmingly successful event.


In the meantime, we’ve got some photos to share and we’d like to invite you to share your own photos as well.  We’ve put together an open Flickr pool where everyone can add their photos from the event.   We’ve already got things going on there by adding a few of our own. Now it’s your turn!


Again, thanks to everyone for coming out today.  It means the world to us.

And don’t forget, this isn’t the only event KID Museum has going on this Fall.  Mark your calendars for the October 20th World of Montgomery Festival in Wheaton.  Looking around the Maker Faire today, it was impressive to see what a diverse cross-section of humanity we had in attendance.  At the World of Montgomery Festival we get a chance to celebrate that diversity in a day filled exploring the many international cultures that came from all over the world to call Montgomery County “Home.”  We’ll see amazing performances, get more hands-on time at many different exhibits, and taste some delicious food in the process.  You don’t want to miss it.

Maker Faire Schedule and Program

In case you missed it at the beginning of the week, here is the finalized schedule and program for TOMORROW’S SILVER SPRING MINI MAKER FAIRE!



Click here to download and print a PDF version of the program for your convenience.  You can also find this information on our Schedule Page.

See you there!

Third Kid Maker Challenge: Water Purification

Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water. 

Your challenge is to take muddy water and build a water purification system to clean it.  When you are finished, post about your results!

Visit KID Museum at the World of Montgomery Festival on October 20 in Wheaton at Westfield Wheaton Plaza from 12-5 to learn all about water purification and the impact that water has on our World.

Inventors in our Midst: Dr. Corinna Lathan

Inventor Cori Lathan envisions a future where technology will allow people to connect in ways that are a bit like something out of a science fiction movie. In her future, technology would be able to let you know not just “what” a person is thinking, but “how” they are feeling. Lathan has applied her work to create tools that help assess soldiers in the field for traumatic brain injuries and help children with cerebral palsy communicate more effectively.  While today’s high-tech society is often criticized for leaving us disconnected and dispirited, she is passionate in her belief that we can harness technology to allow people to strengthen their connections with one another and become more empathetic.   Continue reading

Washington, We Have NASA

We’ll have over 80 Maker exhibits throughout the Silver Spring Civic Building this Sunday, presented by Makers age 9 to 90, but only one can boast a moon landing on their resume.  NASA will be in the house with gadgets and demonstrations of all kinds.  Check out the list below for a glimpse of what to expect from them at your trip to the Silver Spring Mini Maker Faire this weekend:

  • Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Astronaut Tools and Gloves
  • Digital Photo Booth Exhibit
  • General Goddard Booth
  • High Capacity Centrifuge
  • Introduction to Silicon Rubber Mold Making and Resin Casting
  • IR Camera Demo 
  • Try Your Hand at Fixing a Satellite!
  • Heat Pipe Demonstration 
  • Speaker, Adrienne Alessandro, Communications and Public Outreach Lead, Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Rover Lunar Buggies

Young Chefs

In Chef Sheila Crye’s Young Chefs program, culinary expertise requires more than the ingredients listed on a recipe. To cook with Crye is to cook with an eye for nutrition, several tablespoons of cooperation, and a few dashes of patience.

Based in Montgomery County, Maryland, Young Chefs is an after-school youth culinary education program where the techniques, tools, and recipes for healthy cooking are made memorable and—much to the young participants’ surprise—delectable. Continue reading

Silver Spring Mini Maker Faire Schedule Released!

Check out our updated schedule of events and performances for next Sunday’s Silver Spring Mini Maker Faire.  The day is packed full and ready for you, no matter who you are.

Here’s a little excerpt.  You can see the entire schedule here:

Outdoor Stage

  • 12:00 Drum Call, Baile Mcknight explains how he became a master drum maker and delights with African rhythmic drumming.
  • 12:30 Strathmore presents Margot MacDonald, Acoustic guitarist
  • 1:00 Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, Traditional and contemporary folk, old-time country and swing music
  • 1:30 Welcome Ceremony
  • 2:00 Monkey Feather, Covers spiraling outwards from the college radio heyday of the 1980s
  • 2:30 Kid Makers, Young makers showcase their projects and explain what draws them to making
  • 3:00 Strathmore presents Mary Alouette, Gypsy Jazz Vocalist
  • 3:30 Kid Makers, Young makers showcase their projects and explain what draws them to making

See More…

Obsession with Making or the Human Brain

Meet young makers Henry, Gabriella, and Katherine. Henry, 13, became interested in making when he was nine or ten, when he and a friend were searching the Internet for things to do and found Make Magazine. Henry has lots of interests, and goes through ‘phases’, or ‘obsessions’ as he calls them. Continue reading